1. How does covering travel expenses work?

All my wedding packages have travel costs factored in, so you do not have to worry about any unexpected costs. If you book a session that aligns with my travel schedule you may be eligible for a discount.

2. Do you photograph traditional weddings?

Absolutely I do. My approach with weddings is to create the time and space for you to create memories and fully experience the day. We can 100% create that in the space of a traditional wedding day. My goal is capture your love story in any form that resonates with you. If a wedding is the right one for you, we will make it happen.

3. We are awkward in front of a camera, how do you make sure we still get good photographs?

Most people are, and for good reason, we are taught to pose in front of a camera stand stiffly and fake smile. That is so awkward. My style of photography focuses on genuine moments created through a shared experience. My sessions usually incorporate an adventure or date during the session. This allows you to focus more on engaging with your partner and on the activity rather then the fact that you are in front of a camera. I am like a sneaky third wheel, which allows me to capture genuine interactions and how you naturally connect with each other.

4. Do you photograph small businesses and artists?

I love working with small businesses and artists. Branding shoots typically are creative and focus on creating images to express how you want to be received as an artist. When I work with artists I will typically come shoot at your workshop and capture images of your artistic process.

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1. How much does it cost to elope?

Eloping can cost ΒΌ the price of a wedding. The cost of eloping is between $3,500-$12,000. Eloping saves you money on venues and catering. Expect to spend on travel costs, Air B&B rentals and photographer fees. Although eloping is cheaper, couples chose to elope focus on family, adventure, or epic landscapes.

2. Why do your elopement packages cost more than wedding packages?

I believe elopements have equal value to weddings. Elopements focus on different priorities that resonate more with my business and the services I can provide couples. I want the couples I work with to value their elopement as much as a wedding.

With elopements, I am involved in the planning process start to finish. I work on timelines, location recommendations, gear lists, finding local guides and more. My niche is adventure elopements which usually involve travel, hiking and a full timeline of activities.

4. Can I elope internationally?

Yes, you absolutely can! If you do not want to figure out the logistics of a marriage permit in the country you can always elope then sign the marriage license at home. You may need to get visitor visas to enter the country. Look into permits that you will need to elope in your specific location. If you have hired any vendors out of country, they may need to get a work permit.

3. How do I elope in a national park?

You can legally elope in national parks in both Canada and the US, however you must obtain the proper permits. Getting permits can take 2-4 months to process so plan ahead. In most cases you can apply online or contact local authorities to find out the process.

5. How to plan an elopement?

My advice is to have a brainstorming date with your partner. Sit down and write a list of all the things you would include in the best day you could spend together. Visulize your wedding day from the way you wake up to how you go to bed. What would you be seeing, thinking and feeling. At this stage focus on dreaming rather than logistics. Then over the next weeks figure out the logistics to incorperate as many things on your first list as possible.

6. How do I include my friends and family in my elopement?

There are so many ways to include your people.Although the less people that are involved the more epic locations and less logistics you will have. Elopements can have up to 25 people in attendance. You can also have an elopement party afterwards to celebrate with everyone. You can have your loved ones write letters to read after your ceremony. You can make a video or photo album of your elopement to share with your friends and family.

7. What do we do if we have bad weather during our elopement?

I never want your day to be effected by weather. Elopements are an adventure and weather is part of the story. Before the elopement we will discuss backup plans for each possible effector (smoke or rain). We plan for your ideal location, but if weather is effecting the area, we have decided on an equally epic location as a backup plan.

8. What activities can you do during an elopement?

Elopements can be designed around any activity or experience. Elopements can include climbing, surfing, skiing, or backpacking. If you are not experienced, you can hire local guides to aid your experience.

9. We aren't experienced in the backcountry, can we still get epic landscape photos?

Yes, there are so many scenic locations that do not require long hikes or experience to access. If you want to hike or backpack but do not feel comfortable, I can recommend a local hiking guide to assist you.

10. A full day seems like a long time to be in front of a camera. We do not love photoshoots.

I hear you, and same here! Although I will be there with my camera through out the day, it is not a full day photoshoot. I am there to capture the experience and the details that will make it feel like you are there again when looking back through the images. However, the main focus is on your experience and how you feel through out. I am won't be making you pose and fake smile, I promise. I focus on the real emotions and candid moments.

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